A one-day symposium that explores the rise of social technologies and how they have reshaped the conditions in which individual and collective selves operate. It will focus on cognitive, affective,and relational capacities. In addition, the symposium will address responses to these changes,such as collective unplugging and digital diets, as well as activist uses of social media to remedy these effects.


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Jonah Bossewitch Friends Make the Best Medicine: Psychosocial Health and Networked Support

Radhika Gajjala Fabricating Global Socially Mediated Materiality: Labor, Re-create, Hangout, Re-produce Affect

Melissa Gregg Mindful labor

Jeremy Packer Such a Perfect Day: Digital Augmentation and Media Technologies of the Self

Jennifer Pybus Data Literacy Not Media Literacy: Rethinking the Next Generation of Cognitive Labourers

Jennifer Rauch Unplugging for Body and Soul: Nutritional and Spiritual Metaphors in Discourse about Intentional Media Non-Use

Theresa Senft When I hear the word ‘Empowering,’ I Reach for My Revolver: Towards a Feminist Critique of Social Media Practices in the Actually Existing World.

Sarah Sharma E-wasting Time in an Economy of Useless Pursuits

Vanessa Valenti Building a culture of care in online feminist activism.

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, College Avenue Campus

Alexander Library, Teleconference Conference Lecture Hall



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A symposium on the forms and effects of social media presented by Journalism and Media Studies at Rutgers University April 18th 2014 Alexander Library Teleconference Lecture Hall 10am-6pm #socialmediawellbeing